ThermoBond Cir-Kits, Edge Connector Kit

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Complete Consisting of:

ThermoBond Frames (tin plated on one side):  Edge Connector (gold plated) 1200-0162-02-P1

Lap/Trace Frames (tin plated on both sides):  Straight Run 1200-0164-03-P1

Other Accessories:

Abrasive Stick, 1 piece

Kapton Tape, 12.7mm (0.5") x 76.2mm (3.0"), 10 pieces

Fine Angled Tweezers 1100-0043-P1

Cutting Board 1143-0009

Provise Kit (for cutting and scraping) 7016-0003-P1

ThermoBond Tips

120 V Part #: 6993-0182
230 V Part #: 6993-0182
  • Frame Material 1 oz copper foil
  • Dry Film Adhesive.04mm Thick (0.0015" Thick)
  • Protective Backing.08mm Thick (0.003" Thick)
  • Bonding Time 15 Seconds
  • Binding Temperature 315°C (600°F) nominal
  • Eyelets Over 25 different Thru-Hole Eyelet sizes are available
  • PlatingAll ThermoBond frames come standard with 0.025mm (0.001") Tin plating on one side, Edge connector Gold over nickel plating.



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