MBT 250

Terms and Definitions

MBT250-SDTP version with Solder-Desolder-Tweezer-Pick capabilities

Most popular PACE System ever ... on thousands of repair benches!

The MBT 250 Series of Soldering, Desoldering & SMT/Thru-Hole Rework Systems are simply the most popular PACE series ever produced, for good reason. First introduced in in the early 90's, over 45,000 have been manufactured, many of which are still in use after 19 years! The MBT 250 series has been the work horse of the rework and repair industry and is renowned for reliability, sustainability and longevity. And PACE continues to support the MBT 250 Series with upgrades and enhancements. The MBT 250 is available in 3 configurations or as a stand alone system that you can purchase the handpieces you want separately. If you are interested in next generation systems where PACE's patented TD-100 Tip-Heater Cartridge Soldering Iron is included, please see MBT 301 or MBT 350 Rework & Repair systems.