MBT 250-SD Soldering, Desoldering & Rework System

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Most popular PACE System ever ... on thousands of repair benches!

The MBT 250 Series of Soldering, Desoldering & Rework Systems are simply the most popular PACE series ever produced, for good reason. First introduced in in the early 90's, tens of thousands of units have been manufactured, many of which are still in use after 19 years! Renowned for their reliability, sustainability and longevity, PACE continues to support the MBT 250 Series with upgrades and enhancements. That's why MBT 250's are utilized at all major Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps Depots, in thousands of intermediate level rmaintenance shops, and on commercial repair shop benches worldwide.

3 Channel System Independently Powers & Controls 3 Handpieces

MBT250 Power Supply
If our standard MBT configurations aren't exactly what you need, buy the Power Supply and pick your own handpieces.


The self-contained MBT 250 Power Supply (PPS-85) features three individually powered and controlled handpiece channels, providing the capability to run 3 different SensaTemp handpieces simultaneously, and at different temperatures! A digital readout displays the current channel's temperature information, error codes and programming status. The durable extruded aluminum chassis is ultra-rugged, ESD-safe and takes up minimal space.

MBT 250-SD Configuration - Solder, Desolder

The MBT 250-SD (Solder-Desolder) version is available with the PS-90 Soldering Iron and SX-100 Sodr-X-Tractor Desoldering Handoiece. MBT 250-SDTP (Solder-Desolder-Tweez-Pik) and MBT 250-SDT (Solder-Desolder-Tweez) configurations are also available. Additional SensaTemp compatible handpieces and accessories can be added to expand any model's capabilities.

PS-90 Soldering IronThe PS-90 Universal Soldering Iron is excellent for general purpose and heavy-duty soldering and SMT rework operations where high thermal capacity and flexibility are required. The Iron provides a wide range of SMD and Thru-Hole installation and removal capability as well as unsurpassed thermal performance on heavy, multilayer Thru-Hole assemblies at safe, lower working temperatures. A variety of 3/16" shank, quick change Thru-Hole and SMD tips, for chip components, SOT's, SOIC's and other components, are available (supplied separately). And at about $7 each, long-lasting PS-90 Tips are very inexpensive!

Ideal for both through-hole and surface mount desoldering, the clog-free SX-100 Sodr-X-Tractor is the best performing solder extractionSX-100 Desoldering Handpiece tool on the market today. The handpiece can be used with a disposable Sodr/Flux-Trap paper solder collection chamber or re-cleanable Glass Chamber. When the filter is full, just pull out the chamber, pop out the old filter and replace with a new one - all within 15 seconds! The heater's laser-trimmed, Platinum RTD Temperature Sensor is 5 times more accurate than conventional thermocouples. The widest range of standard, precision and long-reach desoldering tips are available, including 2 and 4-sided Pik-Tips, and Flo-D-Sodr desoldering tips available for safe removal of excess surface solders and BGA pad clean-up.


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120 V Part #: 8007-0203      NSN: 3439-01-377-7760
230 V Part #: 8007-0204      NSN: 3439-01-361-2013
  • Comes with PPS-85 Power Supply, PS-90 Soldering Iron, SX-100 Sodr-X-Tractor and Tip & Tool Stands
  • NATO/National Stock Number (NSN) for both 120 VAC and 230 VAC systems, NSN's available for all handpieces, accessories, tips & spare parts
  • Proven system reliability, longevity, durability and sustainability
  • Digital Readout displays the selected channel's set and actual temperature
  • Powers 3 separate handpieces simultaneously, at different temperatures
  • SensaTemp Temperature Management System continuously monitors/responds to thermal load
  • Auto-Off and Temperature Setback preserves tip life
  • Tip Temperature Offset for high mass tips
  • Password Protection prevents unauthorized changes
  • User definable Temperature Operating Range
  • Power Supply is Self-Contained, no shop air required ... just plug it in!
  • Includes 2 Tip and Tool Stands with Low Abrasive Dry Wipe Capability
  • Dual Purpose Vacuum/Pressure Pump includes patented Snap-Vac technology
  • Completely ESD/EOS Safe, lead-free compatible
  • Power Requirements115VAC, 60Hz, 230VAC, 50/60Hz, 184 Watts maximum 207 Watts maximum
  • Handpiece SpecsSensaTemp Only
  • Tip to ground resistence2 ohms or less
  • Temperature stability ° 1.1°C (° 2°F) at idle from set tip temp.
  • Tip Temperature Range38° to 482°C (100° to 900°F) nominal
  • Vaccuum Rise TimeEvacuates 33cc (2 cubic inch) volume to 25cm Hg. (10in Hg.) in 150ms.
  • Pressure.48 Bar (7 p.s.i.) nominal at maximum setting
  • Airflow9 SLPM (0.32 SCFM) maximum



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