MBT 301

Terms and Definitions

The MBT 301 from PACE is the ideal system when solder and desolder capability are needed on the benchtop.  The MBT 301 features PACE's exclusive IntelliHeat technology and can be used with 7 different handpieces.  The MBT 301 has two handpiece channels that are active simultaneously.  The system is fully programmable and can be password protected from changes.

The backlit, Digital, LCD screen displays the temperature of all 2 handpiece channels or with scan mode activated will cycle through the handpiece channels one at a time displaying set and actual temperatures.

The new Hi-Flo dual purpose vacuum/pressure pump and delivery system featuring PACE's patented SNAP-VAC Technology, provides the most vacuum available for desoldering applications. When used with an air pencil, the high resolution, pressure control valve allows for precise adjustment when working on the smallest components such as 0201's.

An approved operating range can be programmed allowing operators the flexibility to do their work while eliminating the risks associated with giving techs access to the entire temperature range of the system.

2 versions of the MBT 301 are available.  Click the link above to see the specific models that are available.