MBT 301 with PS-90 & SX-100

Terms and Definitions

MBT 301 - Simple and easy to use for rework technicians or operators on the line.

The MBT 301 with the PS-90 Universal Soldering Iron is the ideal choice when operational costs are a major decision factor.  While the PS-90 is not as high performing as the TD-100, it is more than capable of handling 95% of your soldering needs and has been been PACE's standard for many years before the TD-100 was introduced.  PS-90 tips cost less than TD-100 tips and this configuration will keep your running costs under control.  This is also the ideal configuration for MBT 250 SD or MBT 201 users as it allows them to upgrade to the new MBT 301 system with the new and improved features while not having to change their iron, process, tips and spares.

Includes TPS-90 Soldering Iron & SX-100 Sodr-X-Tractor (IntelliHeat Versions).  5 optional handpieces are available.  Tips sold separately.

120 V Part #: 8007-0549
230 V Part #: 8007-0550
  • Power Requirements120 VAC, 60Hz (240 watts maximum) & 230VAC, 50Hz (240 wats Maximum)
  • Handpiece Technology CompatabilityIntelliHeat
  • Tip to Ground resistance<2ohms
  • Temperature Stability+/- 1.1C (2F)
  • Temperature accuracyMeets or exceeds ANSI-J-Std-001
  • Set Temp RangeTip Heater Cartridge Compatible Handpieces = 205° to 454°C (400° to 850°F) Nominal
    SensaTemp Compatible Handpieces = 37°C to 482°C (100° to 900°F) Nominal
  • Vacuum Rise Time150ms Average as measured with PACE Process Monitor
  • Vacuum20in Hg max
  • Pressure18psi max
  • Air Flow8 SLPM max