75mm (3) ESD Safe Flex Arm

Terms and Definitions

ESD Rating: Surface Resistivity: 1.00E3 Ohm

Volume Resistivity: <6.00E2 Ohm-cm Length: 915mm (36")

Diameter: 75mm (3")

Mounting: Directly onto Fume Extractor or uses optional Bench Mounting Bracket

Standard Endpiece: Round

Optional Endpieces

  • Collection Tube Endpiece for focused and pin-point fume collection (8886-0794-P1)
  • Cowl Endpiece for high volume laminar flow fume extraction (8886-0793-P1)
  • Extension Tube for ESD Flex-Arm 305mm (12") long (8886-0790-P1)
120 V Part #: 8886-0750-P1
230 V Part #: 8886-0750-P1