ARM-EVAC 50 Bench Top Fume Extractor

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Quiet, High Efficiency, Bench-Top Fume Extraction

*Dual Arm Attachment sold seperately*

The Arm-Evac 50 is a unique, portable, cost-effective, bench-top fume extractor that provides wide area fume extraction or highly efficient source capture at two points using the optional arm attachment (8886-0055-P1). The Arm-Evac 50 features operator adjustable airflow, quiet operation and a wide variety of filters to meet the needs of virtually any application.

Primary Features:

  • Compact and Portable Design.
  • Low Noise Level (54 dBA)
  • Contains one laminar flow, plenum inlet
  • Easily adjustable flow rate.
  • Can use up to two attachable arms to service two stations at once.
  • Contains a General Purpose Filter
  • Can also use PACE's Cleanroom Filter


*All accessories sold separately*

 Armless - Plenum Inlet

 1 Arm - Dual Arm Attachment (8886-0055-P1) with one arm removed.

 2 Arm - With Dual Arm Attachment (8886-0055-P1)



120 V Part #: 8889-0050-P1      NSN: 6515-01-506-5347
230 V Part #: 8889-0050-P1      NSN: 6515-01-506-5347
  • UnitArm-Evac 50
  • Power Requirements115 or 230 VAC, 50/60 Hz
  • Size215mm (8.5")H x 330mm (13.0")W x 315mm (12.5")D
  • Sound Level*54 dBA
  • # InletsOne laminar flow, plenum inlet
  • Flow Rate*Adjustable: 152 m3/h (90 cfm) max with Plenum,
    One Arm Adjustable: 84.5 m3/h (45 cfm) max
    Two Arms Adjustable: 60 m3/h (30 cfm) max per arm
  • System OptionsDual Arm Accessory
  • Standard Primary FilterGeneral Purpose Filter
  • Filtration OptionsGeneral Purpose Filter
    Cleanroom Filter
    Adhesive Filter
    Economy Filter



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