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Our Highest Capacity Fume Extractor

The Arm-Evac 500 is perfectly suited for high performance, cellular manufacturing activities and provides fume extraction for up to 6 workstations. This unit boasts a high airflow motor pump with an effective three-stage filtration system. Incorporating microprocessor technology, an easy-to-read graphical LED filter condition monitor changes from green to yellow to red as the filter becomes clogged. The filter monitoring system self calibrates using a membrane keypad on the front panel and an audible alarm alerts the operator when a filter change is required.

Primary Features:

  • Can service up to 6 operating stations at once.
  • 3-Stage filtration system
  • High powered motor pump
  • Comes with lockable wheels
  • Filter Monitoring System self calibrates.
  • Compatible with an array of nozzles and accessories


*All Accessories are sold seperately*

2 Flex Arm 3 Flex Arm
(2) 3" Diam. ESD Safe Flex Arm (8886-0750-P1) (3) 3" Diam. ESD Safe Flex Arm (8886-0750-P1)
3 Flex Arm with Kit 4 Flex Arms with Kit
(3) 3" Diam. ESD Safe Flex Arm (8886-0750-P1) (4) 3" Diam. ESD Safe Flex Arm (8886-0750-P1)
(3) Extension Kit (8886-0745-P1) (4) Extension Kit (8886-0745-P1)
(3) Flow Controller (8886-0795-P1) (4) Flow Controller (8886-0795-P1)
3 Metal Plenum 4 Metal Plenum
(3) Metal Plenum (8886-0366-P1) (4) Metal Plenum (8886-0366-P1)
3 24" Flex Arms with Kit 3 36" Flex Arms with Kit
(3) 24" Flex Arm (8882-0415-P1) (3) 36" Flex Arm (8882-0435-P1)
(3) 50mm Extension Kit (8886-0553-P1) (3) 50mm Extension Kit (8886-0553-P1)
6 24" Flex Arms with Expansion Kit 6 36" Flex Arms with Expansion Kit
(6) 24" Flex Arm (8882-0415-P1) (6) 36" Flex Arm (8882-0435-P1)
(6) 50mm Extension Kit (8886-0553-P1) (6) 50mm Extension Kit (8886-0553-P1)
(2) Expansion Kit (8882-0692-P1) (2) Expansion Kit (8882-0692-P1)
120 V Part #: 8889-0505-P1
230 V Part #: 8889-0500-P1
  • Microprocessor controlled
  • Three-color LED filter condition gauge
  • Laser-trimmed electronic air flow sensor
  • Self-calibrates to specific arm configuration
  • Audible alarm alerts operator of filter change
  • Three-speed air flow adjustment
  • Intelligent air flow compensation " motor pump speed increases as filter becomes loaded
  • Includes pre-filter, HEPA Filter & Carbon Filter and power cord
  • UnitArm-Evac 500
    Arm-Evac 500E
  • Power Requirements115 VAC, 60 Hz
    230 VAC, 50 Hz
  • Size640mm (25")H x 400mm (15.75")W x 500mm (19.5")D
  • Sound Level*61 dBA
  • # of InletsThree 75mm (3")
  • Flow Rate*
  • General Purpose FilterSingle Inlet: 451 m3/h (266 cfm);
    Dual Inlet: 283 m3/h (167 cfm) per inlet
  • Cleanroom FilterSingle Inlet: 414 m3/h (244 cfm);
    Dual Inlet: 236 m3/h (140 cfm) per inlet
  • # of Collections Accessories Six 45mm (1.75") or 50mm (2")
    Three 65mm (2.5") or 75mm (3")
  • Microprocessor ControlYes
  • Maximum Duct Run5m (16') per inlet
  • System OptionsSilencer/Mobile Cart (P/N 8885-1255)
  • Standard Primary FilterGeneral Purpose Filter
  • Filtration OptionsGeneral Purpose Filter and Activated Carbon Filter
    Cleanroom Filter and Activated Carbon Filter



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