TD-200 AccuDrive™ Tip-Heater Cartridge Iron

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New Tip-Heater Cartridge Handpiece Exclusive for the ADS200 Production Soldering Station

NEW TD-200 Tip-Heater Cartridge Iron

Beneath its sleek dimensions confortable ergonomics and cool touch, the TD-200 makes continuous production soldering effortless!


Versatile & Flexible

Works safely on 0201's, sensitive flex circuits or highest mass, lead-free PCB's.
Cool Touch™ Grip

Aluminum handle stays cool and comfortable even during extended production use.
AccuDrive™ Tip-Heater Cartridges

Provides accurate tip temperatrues, instant heat-up/recovery, and high capacity heating... at safe, low temperatures.
Ultra-Short Tip-to-Grip

Under 1.9"/48mm for precision operator dexterity under magnifier or microscope.


Blue-Series AccuDrive™ Tip Heater Cartridges

New PACE AccuDrive™ technology cobines a high-accuracy sensor and powerful heating generation in one low-cost tip cartridge!

Inexpensive Cartridges

Less than half the price of most cartridge style or curie point tips, delivers lowest cost of ownership.

Superior Heat Transfer/Delivery

Allows for safer, lower temperatures, reduces risk of PCB damage, improves tip life.

One Tip Geometry, Any Temperatrue

Unlike curie point tips, select any temperature for a chosen tip cartridge without having to buy additional ones.

Hot-Swappable Quick-Change Tips

Fast & easy change-out withing 2 seconds, without turning the unit off.

Accurate, Honest Temperatures

Consistant, accurate tip temperatures meet or exceed J-STD-001 requirements.

High Capacity Integrated Heater

Delivers up to 120 Watts of pure power.

Fast Initial Heat-Up

Achieves set temperatures withing seconds.


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120 V Part #: 6993-0316-P1
230 V Part #: 6993-0316-P1



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