Tip Temperature Monitor

Terms and Definitions

Regular Monitoring of tip temperature ensures that soldering equipment is operating within specification and also provides reassurance that your process is intact.

The Tip Temperature Monitor features a temperature sensor for measuring the surface temperature of soldering tips and an external K-type temperature probe that can be used to monitor the temperature of solder pots and for other applications.

The Tip Temperature Monitor is quickly and easily calibrated using an internal precision resistor. We are sure you will agree that the Tip Temperature Monitor from PACE is an indispensable part of your soldering process!

Included with the unit are ten replacement temperature sensors (P/N 1285-0046-P1), one K-Type probe and one 9v battery.

120 V Part #: 8001-0087-P1
230 V Part #: 8001-0087-P1
  • Power Requirements9v Battery (included)
  • Temperature ScaleCelsius or Farenheit
  • Display Resolution1°C or 1°F
  • Temperature Range1°-600°C or 1°-1200°F
  • External Temperature ProbeStandard beaded K-type thermocouple
  • Tip Temperature Probe InputReplaceable Sensor


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